Poem – “As I am Alone…” – Romance – 12/23/2019

Rain comes as the fewest petals,
To break themselves upon the shores of my cheeks,
I had loved you, with all the grains upon my heart,
I felt your suffering, for what it truly was,
Though, I am alone.
I am alone, without you.
I am alone, to kiss my own tears, in this bleakness.

In this winter of my heart, where Hell reigns eternally
Upon this consciousness, upon my light.

When you had died away,
I was consumed
By my madness,
By my grief,
In this storm, of sinew and bone,
In this storm, of grief and disbelief.
I feel only the shame of knowing
That to part from you,
Means I’ll not know myself.

Grief is triumphant,
As I am alone,
Hell is over Heaven, and Heaven is beneath Hell,
What love do I still possess,
To share with this forsaken world?
Still alone,
As I may forever be,
Under hopes so transparent,
That they look away from me.

And, the brief falling of those fewest raindrops,
Among the flakes of snow,
Are to where I shall go,
Because the cold is all I know, without the warmth.

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