Poem – “The Way She Danced above My Soul” – Romance – 12/22/2019

I once craved the song,
The words from her parted and heavy mouth.
The little seeds that I bled into her womb,
Were only the lives I slew away to the tomb.
I once craved the song,
The grave where I felt her belong.
She was a mere ghost laying heavy
Alike the lips, that were too, parted and hanging,
Like the two fingers that hushed my own.

I sung outwards to see,
As well, I sung
To believe.
To believe what’s there to grieve
Over, in the newness of deceit.
And, as I bleed,
I was given the note,
The one that said, “No one is there to see you,
Because all you’ve left, is yourself.”

Her parted lips, and singing smile,
I grew a few tears, for the while,
From my eyes, they descended,
And from her mouth, four words ascended,
“Love doesn’t share well,”
And I knew what it felt like, to be in Hell,
Embraced I was, by her,
And I never touched a single thing,
Besides myself.

Selfish me,
Woeful me,
I am skilled in a singular art,
The act of loneliness is where I part
From a woman, in death, where she did start
To tear me up from soil,
Where grief and its embedded pain,
Knows what soul to foil,
And I am the skilled one.

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