The Ocean Poems – “A Single Place & Time” – Romance – 1/6/2020

I start to believe
When standing upon this shore,
That I am as broken as the waves that collapse.

My place and time
Is forgotten,
Is abandoned,
Inside and outside of my mind.
What has broken?
Is it the heart in my chest, where I feel a well?
Is it my mind that has cracked open to expel
All the little fears that would not escape?

My eyes are set upon the ocean, and its current,
And I falter to think,
Where I would be, without the pressure to see.
For storms have been raised over me,
Hurricanes have been cast over my form,
But, what difference could I tell?
What, between two areas of loneliness
That reek of a life lovelorn?

I bleed, and I bleed,
Into the ocean to form coral reefs.
Bountiful in the crimson, the blush I should have seen,
Before she was swept aside in the current, beneath me.

I am a lover, without love,
Holding a memory that is only a vision
Across an ocean of sounds.

Pain is all I know,
And so, where would it grow
In this place, where life only ever drowns?

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