The Ocean Poems – “Parted by the Sea” – Romance – 1/6/2020

Were we ever Moses, upon a better time
To part a way for our love to unite?

Were we ever the two nations to meet
Upon a time when we had meant to kiss?

Were we ever what we needed to be
To eat up common logic with watery emotion?

Were we ever spouses to be
To love eternally?

I am but a man, with more to share in terms of blame,
And you are one woman, and you’ll accept all defeat and all shame.

Twisted, is the feeling of loneliness,
Without a way to create
What love had, with words to state.
Too late, in our methods,
Too late, to shove fate out of our minds.

I fought to the end, to have a love
That would not start with the waves apart.

Though, I could not walk to the end,
Without another ocean to cross, another world to bend.

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