Poem – “Deeply Bathed in your Arms” – Romance – 1/7/2020

What a smile,
Upon looking to see
What is most Heavenly!
Love, as you, has seemed to undo
All the knots in my heart,
All the confusions I’ve long embraced,
All the heat I’ve long been to lace
Around my body and mind.

Now you will play as the knitter
The embroider,
The simple seamstress,
To bind us forever, in eternal togetherness.

My own love has filled a cup.
Your love has filled a certain void,
By your smile,
For the while.
Because, I cannot see this lasting much longer,
I cannot see how our worlds cannot conflict,
I cannot fathom how our depths should remain
By the love we’ve both gained.

I’ll play as the dutiful man,
The idle man,
Who waits in your arms,
Is bathed in your arms,
Because, the world is trembling under this doubt.
We are, and always will be, among love to not live without.

Die, as we may
Among futures to stay.
But, we’ll be showered in gray
For these binds to then fray.

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