Poem – “All of Me, Next to Nothing” – Romance – 1/12/2020

What saves me from pain
To today’s broken time?

The clock’s hands have shattered fingers,
And they point to empty moments.
They drag across my lap, where my eyes are placed,
Because, my heart has relapsed,
It has retracted
And feels nothing.

I have given all to you.
Everything but a heart, that remains bruised and black,
And has backed itself to an empty room,
Where it cries and sighs.

I have given all,
And am left with nothing.
All my love, and all my desires, and they have retracted.
They were once true,
And now, they are brand new
Within a life I did not want to continue
Without you.

Nothingness, should be my life,
And I should die.
But, I live,
And live,
And live,
And live.

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