Poem – “To Crawl beneath your Gaze” – Romantic Poetry – 1/18/2020

I cannot decide
What to hide
When I falter beneath what stirs me.

Your beauty has hues, not alike the sun,
And most unlike the shimmers in the rain.
It has more brightness
Than ever a sunshine
Or sun-shower.
Brightness, that stings me, though soothes me;
Brightness, that burns me, though soothes me;
Brightness, that churns me, though soothes me,
And I am still here as a witness.

I crawl with the submission, befitting a man
Broken within.
For love was never kind,
To me,
For many years,
While I swam
In many tears.

Love now bleeds upon me
Droplets of scarlet,
One hissing hue, after the next.

You will doom me, will you not?
For that is what I desire.

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