Poem – “Your Darkness in the Dimmed Light” – Romantic Poetry – 1/22/2020

Scarlet lips
Are to sing the tune of many years
In that same isolation,
For it is the one that has kept you bleeding.
Like a face that cannot smile,
Because, its stone surface is un-moving.
Like your face that does not smile,
Because, you’ll only grip the stones, held at your throat.

Your isolation,
Your place among the ocean,
With a face that gently sobs
The cries you’ve always meant to release,
But, could not,
Because life was not kind to you.
Love could save you,
Though, death will sooner erase you
Because of the tears that do not leave
Your weeping face.

What is the bliss
You’ve come to adore
In your horrid torture?
Do you find comfort in that sadness?

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