Poem – “The Stilled Heartbeat” – Romantic Poetry – 1/23/2020

I am watchful, upon your barren form
That no alonger moves with each subtle sigh.
Your arms will no longer sway when you decide to dance,
Your hips, the same.
And for each ruby lip that I had always aimed to kiss,
There is only Hell for the life I dearly miss.

Hold your head in the snow
Dear beauty.
You once lifted a thousand years, upon your now-lifeless shoulders
That could not support life,
But, the face that smiled upon you, in our life
Was enough to let the curtain fall, and drink up this new strife.

Where did we dance,
Beneath the moon?
Where did we kiss,
Beneath the sun,
Where during each moment,
We had a gleam upon our forms?
And love was the one thing to famously embrace us both,
In our heat.

You had died
Before we both lived.
You now live among the curtain of your hair
That makes many trails over your shoulders
Seemingly to never see the brightness of life,
That the sun wondrously achieved.
Don’t despair in your newness,
For I know you will haunt me.

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