Poem – “Bent before the Farewell Kiss” – Romantic Poetry – 1/27/2020

I am upon my knees,
To receive,
The kiss that answers my pleas.
For I am numb
By raw strife,
Knowing you’d not be my wife,
In the turmoil that shaded our life.

What was it like, to lie?
To speak of being vulnerable, while I
Fell into bleak and miserable sighs
One after the other, with muffled cries,
Into my hands, pouring from my eyes.

A fluke, was this love of tears,
A stain, pressed upon a pain of many years.

Love falls with many limbs
Attached to the snow that clings
To the skin of a whiter complexion,
To our faces that show no expression,
As paranoia sets in,
I know
And you’ll know
That our love laid in the barren snow,
And grew even colder,
Though, how else could you stoop lower?

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