Poem – “Like Two Faces in Sorrow” – Romantic Poetry – 1/27/2020

What stillness that gleams
Upon the porcelain,
The textures of your cheeks,
A slender nose, and a simple pair
Of ruby lips,
Though, those eyes,
Show to me, the universe with its wildness.
Of all creation I had embedded
Into you, for your peace,
Into us, for our sleep,
But, the pain would not desert you, would it?

Sorrow has drained us,
Our color, to its frozen show
Of lifelessness.

Like two birds without song,
Like two chimneys without emitted smoke,
Like two infants without cries,

And so on.
Were are only the sorrow, manifested as those who once loved
The other.

And, when we smothered ourselves in such love,
We had only been something.

We are the sorrow upon our lips,
The pain that drains our eyes to show
An underlying emotion,
Called grief.

And we weep
Out the Hell to the Earth below.

We will not sleep,
For no peace can stop us
From our grief,
From the flowers atop our graves
We now reap.

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