Poem – “The Reason I Hate You” – Romantic Poetry – 1/28/2020

The reason I hate you,
Is because feeling is still around
To haunt my days.
Feeling is the show of love, explosive and round
As the heart, before becoming shattered.
Like the vase without edges,
Like the beauty without imperfection,
For we are only distorted,
When we’ve been squeezed of life,
When we’ve been hurt.

There is only one reason I hate you,
And that is because
Feeling is still around.
Though, it may exist to destroy,
To break,
And create further edges
To your already broken heart.
Do you appreciate
The hate?

Do you appreciate the loathing
Stuck against your fragility?
My emotions are still attached
To your form,
To your eyes,
And, I only hate
Because, the feelings still exist.
But, what can I blame
Of your shame?

Lost, though folded around
This loathsome feeling of mine.
And I will never shine
Upon the feeling of love
Because, I have accepted my fate,
That I will remain around to hate
The sight of your eyes and terrible body,
While your existence becomes nothing more
Than a stain in my past,
One pain that is sure to last.

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