Poem – “Where did we put our Hearts?” – Romantic Poetry – 1/28/2020

Where did we hide love
In the desert or in the ocean?
In the dryness of what was once the latter,
Or in the wetness of what will be the former?

There are moons to raise
An ocean so wide
As the love that did reside
In the home called a cage.
For a heart would be trapped in the ribs
As like a marriage is confinement,

As like we are for none but the other,
Held in arms, with kisses to smother.

I am a few steps away
In the place told to be
A palace, a place enchanted by the falling tears
From a cloud formed by bliss
By your cries,
By what longing!
And what longing will be
A home drowned in the sea.

A home, is where love calls us to
Be, in the murderous woes
Of arms that sometimes hold none
And need but the requirement of one.

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