Poem – “Too Many Tears upon Earth” – Romantic Poetry – 2/5/2020

Why do I continue to reside
On this Hell, called an Earth, where tears wash my ankles?
I thought to be in love with a dream
Of twilight and radiance.
So much hurt has swept on-board and over-board.
So much of the ocean has been drained from my heart.

Within the bleakness of winter,
Where the sky seems to have fallen from its blue,
I wait for Spring
To regrow.
To regrow the tulips and the daffodils,
The roses.

I have died for a love,
I have died, and yet, my heart continues its rhythm.
Too many tears lost
And I have lost count.
Of them,
And the fragments that have escaped my mind.

I thought of love
As the gentle wind.
Turns out it was only a storm,
And my heart turned purple with the suffocating confusion.

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