Poem – “My Life, in Emptiness” – Romantic Poetry – 2/11/2020

My life grows seeds
By a lake, emptied of water.
Emptied of the fish that jump
To see the moon.
Though, I’ll attempt to fill up the dryness with my tears,
None come free.

My eyes have attempted to see
New light in the sun,
But, the world and its darkness blinds me.

My heart has aimed to believe
In love everlasting.
Though, in the moment she perished, I was left to sink.

Each of those seeds
Are faded memories of distant summers,
Where in my arms,
Is the ethereal sight of her tired form, the view in my harrowed mind.
Love has been but a glimpse
Into a future, hurled into a lake.
And that lake,
Was the frozen fires, in moments stolen from view.

Was my love ever something to be thought of
As internal, to be made external, so that what hurts can be plainly seen?

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