Poem – “Like Love Held a Melody” – Romantic Poetry – 2/12/2020

Like love held onto a melody
Of heartstrings plucked for the choir to hear,
And it was your sighs among sorrows and tears.
Like love that created the symphony
For the each of us,
To muse upon the two hands, held apart from the other,
And over the aching stomach.
It was for our fear,
Among everything that came so near
To coming true.

We believed
For the world to see,
How competent we were,
For love to be set free, from open hearts.
Upon the Earth
We were meant to be an example,
That love does flourish.
How am I this appalled by myself?

A tear dropped from the fullest moon
Upon the fullest cheek.
It was yours, during a hazy night
Where only the brokenness of you, was everlasting
In the storm.

I will kiss the magnificence of this loss,
Against the tide of things
To come,
Until feathers will create wings
And come to embrace the two of us, upon the cross.

Love is only ever humble,
When I will believe that it cannot show itself
So brightly

In the dimness of a horrid Earth.

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