Poem – “A Bridge between Hearts” – Romantic Poetry – 2/12/2020

Swallow up
The tears that have made this well rise
From the cracks in my soul.

My love has fallen.
She has fallen
To somewhere I cannot see,
To a bleeding sea,
And now lies in a scene
Of outspread limbs
Upon a bloody shore.

Love flows a mile and a half across,
This tale of loss.
Across a sea of treachery
And the sinew and skin of one terrible beast
Who had fought endlessly
For his love to be devoured, in total safety.

His heart, a curtain of hurt.
The music he ever made, from a mouth full of tears
A symphony of grief,
Born of losses, in many Hellish yesterdays.

She is laying there, still,
With emotions sweating upon a shoreline
As a skeleton, now.
And as he aims for Heaven, to vow
With vain attempts, still for all that hasn’t been
The message for a man who craves the sight of raw life.

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