Poetry Series – 3/10 Poems – “Rolling Fog” – The Meaning of Love – 2/18/2020

Come what will,
As you, to me, the most potent pill.
What will be, for my mind
Truly kind?
It will be you, within the greatest streams of blood
As rolling fog.
No longer will tears move their waves across my cheeks,
Resulting from the sadness of absence,
But, in everything from you, that delicately speaks.

I see redness in everything beautiful
About you.
My eyes can glance at the color of your dress
Running with the wind’s guidance.
Love can ever only be a softness,
A truly wonderful gladness

In this mist, called fog.
I will become, as you are
In the red fog.

Love becomes a rope
Tied about our feet.
In the denseness of this fog,
This red fog,
We love, among the red mist still pouring from my glance
To you, for everything entranced
About me.
Love has sleeves, rolled up on a trail
Weaved, against arms that embrace you.

Play me this song
Of what you truly long for
In the coldness.
May I speak to you, beneath the loneliness
Of your eyes?
May I adore you, in the inferno we create?
In the many tussles we make?
Beneath sheets and the lakes?
Love is that flame to find its purpose upon the ice.

Keep holding me, distant.
And cling to me, fragrant
In the heat,
In the deep.

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