Poetry Series – 2/10 Poems – “The Short Beginning of our Ending” – The Meaning of Love – 2/17/2020

How does the man behind
The counter feel
For the drunk he is feeding a bleakness?
For the job, he is misleading.
For the drunk, he is leading.

Love is the hope within the bottle
Where no liquid resides.
Just a message of hope
For the man attempting to run along the road
With fire behind him.
The man behind the counter will still lead him.

Love holds out a hand
To the trembling man upon the road,
Who has habits lead him, to that endlessness.
Strength is the tide of love
Pushing, though not forcing.
Strength forms the structure of Heaven, and forgives the creators of Hell.

Who to blame
For us?
Who to shame, for the two of us
While we loved?
We only loved
Like all will want.

A friendship we only started
With gifts of our eyes.
We stared with a complexion,
Upon a reflection
Where white remained white,
And the black of it all, was the fulfillment of all.

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