Poem – “To Brush a Tear Aside” – Romance – 2/26/2020

What do you breathe,
When there is nothing true,
To your tired heart?
Do you breathe the ocean, the many lost tears from your eyes?
Would you like to breathe my love, once I have seen beyond myself?

Do you breathe in the sorry sadness,
Because, the world has called you strong?
When love finds you, you will collapse,
Like a wave upon the shore,
Only I will catch you.

Beautiful woman,
You are only beautiful,
When you keep your guilt revealed.

Beautiful woman,
You are not beautiful,
When your guilt is so far beneath even my own.

Beneath an ocean,
That you have cried out.
Beneath the breaths,
That you have sighed out.
When waves are formed by winds, you can be uplifted.

But, will you be uplifted by tears?
Will you be uplifted to see me?
I will lift you to me,
When I have seen my reflection,
In the ocean, in your eyes.

When I see what I have caused,
Being your tears.
When I see beneath myself,
Being what I have stepped upon,
I will see myself in it all.

I will see what I have lacked,
In the very wounds I have cracked.

My beloved will see,
Me, cry joyfully.

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