Poem #1 from Project – “Beauty Reflects…” – Romantic Poetry – 2/28/2020

I am here

To recount the numbers in the ocean,

The fish in the sea,

And I am shallow through that,

Because, I remain on the surface

And do not see any deeper.

Love me

With your eyes,

So that I may see my true reflection

And everything I have been lacking.

I have only counted numbers,

And the many fish who swim,

The many maids atop the surface,

For they breathe air.

Though, you breathe water,

You breathe in your own tears

That have made that ocean.

Oh, truest woman

To my unsettling heart,

I see my guilt,

The spot of all my worries,

Buried beneath meager purpose,

Buried beneath meager action,

And I fall to surrender myself

Before your gaze.

Like love had nothing

Else in the haze,

Besides you.

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