A Quote of Wisdom – “The Relation Between Man & Woman” – 3/1/2020

“Since it seems that men will feel regret for their action, while it seems that women will feel guilt for their inaction, does this mean that the beautiful woman can only be beautiful, can only ever provide color to the world, when her guilt upon each thing neglected, is the nearest thing her man can notice? Meaning, a man notices beauty when he notices something he’s continuously covered about himself. Meaning, that a man’s guilt is shrouded by his further action, so that he does not weep. Meaning, that a woman presents her guilt forth, referring itself to negligence, when she knows there are still acts left for her to perform, in this world.

A man feels regret for his action, going to a woman who feels regret for her inaction, meaning that ‘beauty’ only ever has a meaning when it is pushed forth for those who don’t have it, to soon have it.

From this, a man becomes gentle. Thus, a gentleman.

Since it seems that when a woman makes herself the actress, and a man, the actor, the only ‘realness’ to be displayed from all this, is when it is no longer a perception through a mere lens. It must be, then, the only straightforward form of logic, being the one of love.

Meaning, when Man no longer denies himself, of himself, and when Woman no longer denies herself, of others, Man and Woman can seem to be at peace, in each other’s arms.

Guilt is always concealed by further acts. Do we deny?

These are actions, not so much done through the realness of togetherness. And, guilt is covered by them. Inaction, however, that which a woman is always found to be curious over, upon all that she has not taken care of, seems to be always redirected upon herself, when she’s met with continued betrayal. If inaction is the source of what remains a loneliness, and there are movements today that encourage a woman to ‘do more’ with her life, then she is attracted to her own solitude.

She is attracted to continuous thought, being related to her own inaction.

A man is attracted to his own action, while a woman is attracted to what a man does, through her attraction to inaction or solitude.

Should man and woman both be gentle with each other, it seems that a woman can fall upon her guilt, when it comes negligence, when it comes to care. And, a man can fall upon his guilt, when it comes to action, when it comes to care.

A man seem to only know himself, through a woman, when his own action no longer conceals all that he is. This is to say that he sees, within a woman’s eyes, something that he’s been avoiding.

From what can be noticed in a modern world, movements call a woman to see to what she ‘has not done’ with her life, with her capabilities. This is an exploitation of her guilt, through her negligence, as even the movements comprehend her psyche. They can call upon what ‘has not been done’, by simply calling upon the Feminine psychology that dwells in her, for ‘rapid progression’ in a society.

Love, however, negates any ‘use’ of a person, as it always will.

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