A Quote of Wisdom – “Why Love is more Important than Food and Water” – 3/6/2020

“If the human form can exist for more than 3 weeks without food, what with Gandhi starving himself for 21 days, then it is water that the human form needs more than physical sustenance.

To compare all of this to metaphorical attributes, the ‘food’ represents the the physical, while the ‘water’ represents the half-way between physical and metaphysical. Love would have to represent the metaphysical, or the non-existent.

Non-existent, meaning, that love has no physical form, on its own. Love would have to represent shelter, or something we cannot consume. By having no physical form, means only that shelter holds within itself, vulnerable individuals. It would not make sense for shelter to be sheltered. Shelter cannot be consumed, and is more important than food or water.

From an objective standpoint, this is true. In old and survivalist times, one needed shelter, before hunting for game, or finding clean water to drink.

Compare love to shelter. See then, that the form, which is a representation of beauty, will die the fastest without shelter. This would prove it to be objective that love can only be external as something where one is led into, and that ‘self-love’ is merely Narcissism.”

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