“A Place where Tears Fall to be Caught” – Poem

What resides in the eye?
It is first the whiteness, or the emptiness,
It is next the universe, or the cycle,
It is finally the blackness, in the center.

For everything more than the knowledge we seek,
Everything more than the creations we build,
Is no more than a nothingness, when we recede
Back to the canvas.

What of the darkness, in our den of survival?
What of the mercilessness, in our wicked ways?
What of the pain that we gift upon others, in the name of peace?
It belongs in the center, voided of the light for the sun.

We are,
And we should remember it,
There to see the darkness that is in another’s eyes
And alight it
With the flame we share,
Not the darkness we bare.

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