A Quote of Wisdom – “What is Normal?” – 3/10/2020

“What is normal in our world? Or, perhaps the question should be, ‘What is abnormal?’ Leading a troubled person away from a degrading direction, away from an addiction, or something similar, is simply the process of humanity in its finest showing. Would one, upon noticing that their friend, through their grief, became an addict on something, merely leave that person to their supposed ‘normal’ direction? One could easily state that the direction they believed was a right one, and now is a normal one, should be left alone.

How many moronic ‘studies’ are going to focus on the normalcy of human perspective? Why not make the focus on the empathetic vision towards what is not normal, in what one views?

That is, to lead someone in a direction that is not painful, that is not harmful? Because, does anyone really know what they are doing in a time when they are truly vulnerable, truly hurt?”

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