A Quote of Wisdom – “Of Human Advancement…” – 3/14/2020

“It should be known by the doers of it, that human advancement is a sure sign to ‘live forever’, and steer far from death. For to continue advancement, to continue progress, is then to not desire death. Though, where do we get ourselves, when we no longer fear the perishing of ourselves in ashes? When we no longer fear death, what comes from this? It must be to then fear life. Through no longer fearing death, and now fearing life, we will no longer create life. We will divide life. Advancement only has one motive: to divide flesh, for the sake of the consumers to possibly receive the largest share. We devour, as humans. We consume, as humans. We are carnivorous, as humans.

To make us plant-eaters, only makes us easier to divide. Is not a leaf easier to cut, than flesh?

Human advancement is the raising of Hell, while Christianity tells us to look forward to death.

How is it not factual that humans would want to ‘live forever’, or ‘continue to advance’, as this is opposite from peace and rest? It shows to us that humans are heading in a direction where we will no longer fear death, but soon come to fear living. Then, we will be suicidal fiends, with so much pain from the absence of fear and the fear of death, that we will no longer be curious over life. We will be curious over how to die.

Because of this, and through becoming such suicidal fiends, we will begin to divide ourselves. Of our own accord, we will divide our own flesh, eat ourselves, and no longer see beauty for what it objectively stands as.

For the beauty of flesh only ever represents the ‘correct time’ to divulge truth. Because, truth is identical to beauty and flesh, and should truth no longer shock us, then we have truly killed God. For that means that truth must come before the emotion of love, such as when a woman disrobes herself to be embraced by her man. Correct times, do not make the truth free. Free truth, makes the truth divided, and humans become miserable.

We no longer seem to raise truth beyond the reach of any other human besides the one devoted to it, willing to protect it. We then can only bury it, once it has died, after we have died from what may truly shock us.”

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