A Quote of Wisdom – “The Consequence of Fame” – 3/19/2020

“Being somebody doesn’t at all mean for a hundred-and-one people to know you. Being somebody means for only one person to know you, to understand you, to trust you. To comprehend the heart, would not mean for a multitude to be in love with you. To comprehend the heart, means for a singular heart to comprehend a singular heart.

Fame dehumanizes the person, renders them dishonest and corrupt, from within, because to ‘be somebody’ always comes with the temptation of having a lot. The truth is, ‘being somebody’ requires ‘knowing somebody’, and that comes with a one-on-one challenge. It comes with the ultimate form of trust, that deals with sharing secrets with a certain singular someone, who would not at all divulge them to untrustworthy people.

It is because love is an emotion that conceals the flesh to the eyes of whoever would be shocked. Whoever is shocked, are not those who would easily understand what is concealed. It is just the same with a wandering and cold child in winter, given a cloak to be kept warm. And, to know someone, well enough to reveal those secrets imprinted on the vulnerable person, requires the special skill that comes with the words, ‘bare it all’. Like with a man to a woman, her vulnerability clashes with his gaze, when she can easily show to him, what she trusts for him to handle with care. Love knows, and as some Christian would say the words, ‘God knows how many hairs are on your head’, it is for the same reason.”

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