A Quote of Wisdom – “Why Sex should be Saved for Marriage” – 3/19/2020

“Marriage is meant for sex, not sex is meant for marriage. Why does a man doubt his decision to propose? It might be for the reason that all his secrets, among the woman’s secrets, have already been shared, through they sex they’ve already been having.

Sex is revealing. Though, more-so than flesh, it is revealing through secrecy. We are not holding ourselves back, when we expose the flesh. It is the very difference between a rapist and a spouse, with the former having forced someone to reveal, like an interrogator or torturer. Truth, that is, is the very reveal of something kept hidden. For a special time, that is, because where do we go with these secrets, if they are always kept hidden? They poison us, if we cannot trust anyone with them.

Contemplation is the enemy to the stagnant rest, within love. To act loose with love, creates dissatisfaction, through wandering thoughts. One’s confinement, in marriage, is lost, and one’s satisfaction, in marriage, is lost.

It is because the enemy of love is dissatisfaction. Within love, we should only want to say the words, ‘I want nothing more than you’, and renounce all other ambitions.

In the most revealing sense, such secrets within the spouse will be willingly offered upon the other. With trust, there is strictness and open honesty that such a revealing will not be mishandled.

Sex should be saved for marriage, because the one thing we do not want loosened, are our secrets. We open the doors to a belittled life and continued insecurity when those secrets are never in the hands of those most trustworthy to be allowed them.

Bodies are not meant to be as open, as a mind should be.”

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