A Quote of Wisdom – “To Face Reality…” – 4/4/2020

“To face reality seems to be the singular way to approach a progressive nature. And yet, all we do is learn, and never solve. We never extinguish the problem at its source, though will continue to dissect and dissect. We never yearn to see the problem vanish, so long as there is something to plunder from it. Reality relates to life, while both reality and life relates to flesh. We are manipulators, at that point. By continually rearranging and dissecting, we do not destroy what has been continually killing.

Perhaps this is not logic. Perhaps science has been misleading, in some sense. Perhaps the most logical of things is to see the problem before it begins, and then, never allow it to occur. Perhaps the most logical of all things lies upon prevention. For didn’t Oppenheimer say that genius sees the answer before the question?

If genius sees the answer before the question, then one can prevent a disaster from first arising. One can prevent mass destruction. One can prevent the tinkering with objects not meant for human hands.

Prevention is the cure, when we consider both responsibility and the love of life, enough to protect it from further trauma.”

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