Poem – “The Pain Behind my Stuck Stare” – Life – 4/7/2020

Look behind me,
Or look away,
For it does not matter
Which direction you choose.
I matter less to a world
That cannot lose
Its mask.

Stuck stares
And reeking unawares.
Life has a thousand souls apart,
And I view it all
With bent back and shielding hands.
There is nothing for me in this land
But the broken limbs of survivors.

Place me upon the lake,
Would you please?
I am cold,
And want to be colder.

Life was once a dream,
A singing star-ship
Travelling across a universe of dust,
Where much gets caught in my eyes.

Pain is my aura,
Life is my dilemma,
And all I write
Are the versus of a poisoned mouth
And bleeding eyes.

Do not leave me,
Oh, death, when you call,
I will fall,
Into arms as hollow as the oak
In the forest of breezes, as deep as my sighs.