Poem – “My Eyes Steam in the Long Spring Night” – Romance – 4/10/2020

From my mouth, bellows howls
To the moon, from the wretchedness I have become.

From my eyes, there come steam
After many long night in woeful screams.

From my eyes, there soars the skies
And the creatures that sail upon my back
Drink me, the martyr,
The one who died for another.
She lays floating
Upon a lake, with lifelessness to every breath.

My eyes dance upon pillars of marble,
They set sail for nothing more than endearing pain.

The pale rushing skin
Comes into firelight.
Upon the sun’s warming shade,
Upon the darkest side of the holy sun,
There is life that opens itself
To the bloody miles.

From my mouth, bellows howls to the moon,
While the sun leaves glances, to wake me.

From my mouth, these lips cling to the onset of another lover
Who shall come crawling to arms made of the same clay
That drowned her, forever.

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