Poetry Collection – “A Kiss among Disease” – Title: Blanketing Tears – 4/11/2020

Why so frail above me,
God of my mercy?
I have loved life with a smile of unending
And loving applause
To the petals that surrounded me
All of my years.

Now that pain has grasped my lungs,
With loneliness to my heart
There stirs
In my bowels
All the acids of pain,
As my heart with loneliness, becomes strained.

“Do not give in,”
As I say to myself.
Life has truly left you willing
To see it through
To where darkness does not reside,
Though does the smallest glimmer of light.

Blanketing tears
Fall upon the simplest material
Ever over to be
On my form.
So diseased,
So full of wretchedness,
As nothing is left
But the hand that will not touch my own.

When I reach out,
I want a raindrop.
Though, all I’ll receive
Is the pale moon, coming at noon.

A wishful moon,
That weeps all its bleeding sorrows.