Poem – “Do not Fret” – Romance – 4/20/2020

My beauty

With eyes the curves to the Earth,

Encompassing what makes the land and seas,

Give yourself to me,

And fret no more.

You have lips to be kissed,

As soft as my heart once could not be

Until a specific attraction

To where I place my mouth.

For it is not to the sight of thousands,

But to you.

I hold no power

Within the sight of your majesty.

You are the angel I never knew

Existed upon this delicate orb

We call a home

In the infinite blackness.

The little shoulders

You shrug in your confusion

Will be no more, in that intent.

The marveled gaze

Thrown to the haze

Of the blaze

We create, beneath our feet,

Raises us to Heaven.