Philosophy – “Why Social Constructs do not Exist” – 5/19/2020

“If what is termed to be a social construct is never defined by who we are, then what are we? Is it not true that society is merely a reflection of who we are, not that who we are is a reflection of society?”

– Anonymous

In all that we are, we can only create so much. We cannot create something else than what we are. What we are, has already been decided, at birth. What we can become, is nothing more than the reflection. It is instead what we can do for others, and in those people’s judgement of our deeds, that defines our pride or shame. We cannot simply be proud of ourselves, if not taking action. One appears as a figurehead, forever showing off no skill, if wanting to be appreciated simply for their existence. We may as well be in the admiration of the lifeless stone, if one does not move. Perhaps this is the reason why we admire literal rocks on a pedestal, when we call such things “art”.

What we create in the world, is life. What we do for others, is preserve their life, in the selflessness that comes through with sacrifice.

What we cannot create, is what we already are, decided at birth. Once more, what we do for others, develops what we can be proud for. It is why a deed raises tall in remembrance of it. It is why a person’s identity or the badge they wear is always a burden, because everyone at that moment comprehends the pain of a beginning. It is the beginning of someone else’s beginning, in the ending of their pain. It has all occurred in the preservation of that person’s existence.

Is a person in today’s time who is so proud of their heritage, not in the realization of the bloodshed it took to create that heritage’s civilizations, and to preserve them? When an invader strikes, what do people protect? They protect the most vulnerable things they’ve ever seen. That is the preservation. Such people of those ancient “identities” were proud of another’s preservation, not in their own flesh. They were never selfish. Every heritage has always grown through external preservation, not internal. Such people who do otherwise, deserve the shame they always receive.

Society is a construct of what we are, not that we are a construct of society. We create our own Hell, to comprehend what comes from the realization of negligence. It is the reason for the impoverished who exist, who were never preserved.

To blame society is to never look at oneself, for the negligence to do well unto others. What comes of this is blatant selfishness.


  1. maylynno

    The world is an objectification or a concrete realization of our thoughts and mind. It is our mirror and our reflection. We build to give life as much as we build to destroy. The paradox of human nature.. if there is a definition of human nature!

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    1. romanticindeed

      Though, many will describe it to be the opposite, that the world around us is “forcefully” defining who we are. They call these “social constructs” that need to be torn down. Yet, was it not us who created the skyscraper, or the computer, or the cellphone to the tablet? It was, and yet, these sorts of people will say that these creations are controlling us. There is nothing like this, when such people deny the fact that what we create, is something identical to Hell.

      Everything that resembles itself to hold “use” is also something that reveals to be the opposite of love. That is, what we use, is not something we love. We wouldn’t use, nor manipulate, nor betray our loved ones. Therefore, they are not “useful”. From favoritism, to the child who claims his father “loves his brother more than him”, it is never true, in that sense. From love’s definition, it is metaphysically impossible to love more, or love less. One loves, or one does not love. The emotion, itself, is the epitome of the honest self. Therefore, from that child’s perspective, it is merely him wanting to be loved, as a child objectively should. His father, playing favorites, merely finds more of a USE in one child over the other. He does not love his children, at all. From this, we can even say that the Mormon or the Muslim man who has multiple wives, does not love his wives.

      The things we find to be useful, resemble knowledge, the craving for it, resembling Hell. Desires. Temptations. These things describe use, not love. These things describe an intake into “personal empowerment”, not whatever we can express for another’s benefit.

      If we rule a world through knowledge, from a scientific perspective, and then we say that “social constructs”, built by knowledge, need to torn down, then we are actually ruling the world through ignorance. What we will inevitably tear down is ourselves, or all the knowledge we’ve ever built, that is stored within ourselves, until we are nothing more than infants, once more.


      1. romanticindeed

        “Smart” objects. Or… ourselves?

        Yes. We created those devices. But, they are a creation of what humans are. We cannot stare at society to say that society is what controls us, when we can take up the responsibility to do away with those devices.

        We are smart. We are like those Smart objects. And, just like those objects, we make use of other people through those objects.

        It’s still the same proof.
        All we create in this world of ours, is a mere reflection of who we are. What I mean, is that there are many who even don’t like who they are, like transgenders. These sorts believe that society is telling them who to be. How can that be true, when society is everything who we are?

        The only thing a person can ever deconstruct, can ever dislike about the world, can ever tear down, is ourselves.


    2. romanticindeed

      To add…

      Ignorance is what tears down knowledge, like death welcomes life.

      In the typical 18 years it takes to raise a child to adult stage, it would take a mere second to shoot that child dead upon the day after his or her 18th birthday.

      One quote from George Eliot reads, “Knowledge, through patient and frugal centuries, enlarges discovery and makes record of it; Ignorance, wanting its day’s dinner, lights a fire with the record, and gives a flavor to its one roast with the burned souls of many generations.”

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      1. maylynno

        So true and the problem will increase because ignorance is increasing. Between massive news and massive fake news, one can’t tell the difference and can’t have a clear opinion

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      2. romanticindeed

        What I don’t do is trust what is splashed in my face, whether it is “massive news” or “fake news”.

        What I do is look at people and their reactions to things like the news, and even their reactions to other people. People’s reactions, from their expressions, to how they simply behave, is how I learn.

        I never learn from some celebrated “expert” or “specialist”, though simply from how the world operates around me.

        Unlike those who listen to the news, I dissect what I see and hear, rather than let those sources of information dissect me.


      3. maylynno

        This is a very effective way to understand the impact of a global phenomenon and I totally agree with you.
        However we need the specialists too. They can’t be dismissed from the path of understanding

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