Excerpt – “A Fine Line for Justice” – Chapter V – “When Choice Equates to Destruction” – 6/5/2020

Choice is the only thing to define the irresponsible self, for such means that to be irresponsible was to have a choice in what one acts upon. To have a choice merely means to never want for lacking one. Because, when one lacks a choice, one is automatically responsible for everything they are bound to do, out of no freedom away from it.

Reason is what causes a human to have a choice, for it defines freedom, in the sense that having a choice is what makes a person escape the necessity of being responsible. Being responsible is what reason despises, for human reason is opposite from love.

Human reason is opposite from love, because while science will side with reason, reason will counter contentment. One should be content with being responsible, because in what we create, we are responsible for upholding it. Love is the emotion, beyond all other emotions, that cannot amount itself to discontentment. We are, when responsible, the sorts to say that we will love what we have created. Thus, we are not willing to neglect what we have created, though be responsible for it, because we lack a choice in the matter.

When we have a choice in any matter, choice becomes defined as something to relate to destruction. That is because one has no choice out of being responsible, when we are meaning to uphold what we’ve created. To uphold creation, means to not be irresponsible enough to neglect it. Why would any person, who is responsible, wish to neglect something they mean to love? They’d have no choice in that matter, meaning that they will do it, without hesitation, without fear.

A person with a choice, is someone who will contemplate only in the effort of stepping away to neglect what should be taken care of. If one can say even to their friend that they are unable to be complete without them, then they are saying that they wouldn’t be whole, if they were alone. They are saying they’d be like the unfinished painting or the premature infant, without wholeness, without that person to complete their image.

When we deconstruct, or destruct, what has been created, we have not created anything. Destruction cannot be created, as it has already been mentioned, because one can only ever destroy what has already been created. One can only destroy their own, or another person’s construction, not ever create something called disorder. It is to say that one cannot create disorder, though only disorder the order that was created.

Choice is the one thing that defines disorder, or destruction, or deconstruction, when it relates to the freedom within human reason. That is because reason is, again, the thing that relates to being discontent or dissatisfied with what has already been built. Such means that one, through the power of reason, will call themselves upon ignorance, not knowledge, to destroy what has been created. This means that love is the emotion, beyond all others emotions, to relate to logic, which science has now been proven to neglect.

Science neglects logic, which means that science neglects creation. It means that science, that sides with reason, does not side with knowledge. It sides with ignorance, as it sides with sheer greed. It does not side with any bit of knowledge within that measure of greed, without dissecting or deconstructing something else. If science sides with reason, then science does not side with logic. If science sided with logic, it would have no need to deconstruct the thing being preserved. It merely takes advantageous gain from something already objective “useless”, as love is, to break it down into something now seen by subjective eyes.

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