Poem – “Before Me, or Anything Else” – Romance – 6/7/2020

How can I call life a true existence,
In the marriage of death?
You were all that I came to be,
Kissing out those songs for eternity.
I truly knew
That you were true
For the arms that have held only the collected stones
Dropped from eyes, left not sown.

I wanted life beside the partner
For my sole existence
That teeters on the edge to oblivion
Where Hell stares up to me.
As I wanted merely a kiss,
I was given something to miss,
For my heart cannot hold the world
Without something to live on it.

I was named Emperor
Though, my crown is missing
Because my Empress is missing
From the place she is meant to be seated.

Of all form, to twisting shame
There is me, in thudding pain.

You were before me, or anything else
As the one who could look
To see
The world, for all it could be
Within us,
To us
In the blind, adventurous days
Where fate did halt us, in its faltering ways.

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