Quote – “Why Ignorance is the Breath of Destruction” – 6/13/2020

“Ignorance is left upon a touched object or person, out of a desire to gain knowledge. To gain knowledge, makes a person have the necessity to deconstruct a past, and mark their own name on it. That is, to deconstruct a past makes them ignorant, and never knowledgeable of what it took to create that structure. A structure cannot be dismantled, without the touch of ignorance. Love is the only thing that can protect a structure. Through ignorance, a person dismantles to analyze the rubble, to gain more knowledge. For out of that ignorance, creating debris, one gains knowledge from what is scattered and divided. Division is sourced from the touch of ignorance, if only to comprehend the divisiveness, in the gain of knowledge. It is that science accomplishes this, by ruining so that it may understand. Division is what breeds the gain of knowledge, so it is that knowledge can only be gained of someone else, through the breaking down of the knowledgeable one. By their mind, by their words, a person analyzes spoken context, because through their ignorance, they were curious.”

– Anonymous

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