Quote – “Why Men do not Weep” – Pt. 2 – 6/17/2020

“To comprehend a man, is knowing that his greatest threat, is always himself. His battles within, are the battles for the lie he believes is his strength. Though, his truth dwells forever in the woman of his love, for he can easily be broken before her. He becomes the infant cradled by the angel, beloved for an eternity away from his own misdemeanors.

His threat, being himself, is the lie of remaining strong. Yet, as easily as men will be egged on by a deceiving woman, to be stronger, to never be a coward, is as easily seductive as all else enticing. It drains him, when he merely wants rest, merely wants peace.

If the truth for a man dwell in a true woman’s heart, it is then that a man who is strong is strong for her, not for himself. In her protection, he is strong. For his stature, he is weak, and not with the same weakness as to be in love. When love for a woman will be for a man, becomes the time he lays his sword down and rips free his armor to reveal his chest. It is his thumping heart to the rising sun, to her glorious face.”

– Anonymous

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