Philosophy – “The Problem with Science” – 6/20/2020

First and foremost, a scientist will say to the Christians that the God of love, or even of the religion, itself, possesses no logic. To the God of love, being only of the Christian God, there cannot be 2 or more gods of love. No other entity can claim love to be its promotion. Even an Atheist would agree that love is the emotion of union, of togetherness, of the creation of something that is protected so it doesn’t fall apart.

Were there to be 2 or more gods to represent love, love would be absolved of its objective definition. Its definition, to be of oneness, of togetherness, of completion, cannot be something of a feuding 2 or more in the same name.

Science will be what willfully attempts to deconstruct to analyze something. It does not seek to protect. It does not seek to keep together. It does not side with logic. For logic sides itself with the responsibility necessary to hold things from being divided. That is, it seeks to not allow any problems to exist, in the first place.

For a problem, a flaw or an imperfection, can only be of existence. What of God? He is said to be perfect. And, He is said even by Atheists to not exist. The Atheist, in this sense, falls into the trap of what Christianity comprehends, which is that “perfection has no existence”. God is literally “non-existent”, unless one believes in the power of love, which science does not. Science only “makes use” of what does exist, being of something that can be torn apart to be analyzed.

When we love, we seek to turn an imperfection into a perfection. Or, when we love, we seek to turn an existence into a non-existence. Though, such an imperfection, such an existence, will be of the form. When concentrating not on the form, we concentrate on the mind. It is love, not science, that sides with the mind. For it is not that we see the wound, though see through loving eyes to the greater wound being the fear, being the responsiveness of the world to that wound.

Every scrap of knowledge a human has obtained, has been gained for their bodies. How many articles seek to display in the write, the benefits for flesh and human structure?

Every scrap of knowledge is only ever truly beneficial for the human form, not the mind. Love is beneficial for the mind.

Every scrap of knowledge has been gained by human idiocies and stupidities. Love has tolerance, though science will concentrate itself on the human form for its imperfection and flaws.

It is moronic to believe that science sides with logic, when knowledge would be a nothingness were humans never to have something to destroy. Love does not destroy. Love protects the loved one from being further damaged. It is that a church, a home, a human form, can be damaged, because it possesses physical structure. It is that science believes itself to benefit structure. Though, it is not science that will never wish to see something destroyed, viewed as parts, in the first place. That is how knowledge is attained, by something dismantled, and then analyzed. It is love that wishes to not ever have something demolished, to begin with. Love will protect the form, with the mind that has been empowered by courage.

It is that love will benefit the mind, while science will remain the thing to rely on human ignorance for its achievements, to boast about. For pride has only ever belonged to human achievement, while to love will never be what a human boasts about.


  1. maylynno

    In other words, love is a chemistry, an osmosis that made the universe exist on a chemical level: hadn’t these molecules been in an osmosis, nothing would have existed.
    Scientifically speaking, love is a hormonal balance inside the body, while passion is a hormonal unbalance. If I am not mistaken, the most talked about hormones involved in love are: adrenaline, dopamine and endorphins. They create balance in the brain and it explains why, as you say it, “love is important for the mind”.
    No matter what/who the object of love is: whether it is God, a person, an activity etc., love is what made us exist, survive and evolve.
    Sorry in advance for my non romantic comment, but I am certifying and agreeing on what you are saying.

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    1. romanticindeed

      Hehe. I didn’t need a romantic comment. Yours was very informative. I didn’t know half of these things such as how love and passion differs.

      One part really stuck out to me when you said, “Love is what made us exist, survive and evolve.” The part about “existence” might be what Christians refer to God as the “creator”, which in that sense, makes Him the “creator of existence”, as love.

      I’m glad you like to comment on these more technical posts of mine, despite how most of my work on my blog is a heap of poetry. Lol.

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      1. maylynno

        I am glad I helped you in these information. And I really appreciate when romance writers get into technical posts like you call it, because the writing would be more fluid and a pleasure to read. So I am a fan 🙂

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