Poem – “Nothing Left to Love” – Romance – 6/28/2020

How do you cry?
How do you sing
To rain tears upon your empty lap?
I once loved,
As I try, once more
To love the stillness of frozen skies
For my taking.

You try to roam
As I see you go
To bathe yourself in the stream
Leaking of your eyes.

I wield a stone
To hurl down in my cellar
Where faded photographs grow so old,
Where memories turn so cold.

How do you see?
How do you bleed
From wires, like veins, to tell a distant connection?
I have dreamed
Like no other man
Who could stand upon his own grave,
That he knew not was beneath him.

I swear I saw you
Among the other women,
Within their eyes,
Within their sighs.
I gave an ocean to them
As they gave me land to step upon,
To realize it is the cemetery for my bathing.

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