Quote – “Why Everyone is a Racist” – 6/29/2020

“If racism is simply a form of prejudice, then prejudice must have its origin in fear. It is not that racism is originating from hatred. For if prejudice originates from fear, then it also originates from the fear of the unknown. That which a person does not comprehend of another, not being their race, though being beyond the skin color, will spark the fear to that unknown. All humans fear the unknown, because we each have a brain stem, that runs every human’s nervous system. The nervous system acts on the ‘fight or fight’ response, meaning that each human can be a racist, or is a racist, if they simply fear what they’ve yet to understand. For each human fears the beyond.

Therefore, the greatest thing a human can possibly achieve, is the gain of simple knowledge. To not fear the beyond, and to grow out of one’s comfort zone.”

– Anonymous