Poem – “A Chapter in our Love” – Romance – 7/2/2020

Let loose your trail
To never curve.
You have smoothness running over the mountains,
With rapidity over the lakes,
While winds move straight.

I see danger for its miles,
Though you'll walk forward
To the snowy hills.
Your arms will spill
The radiance by the light of the sun,
For me to follow,
For me to send my pacing.

Sneak your head over your shoulder,
Letting loose a curl
Of auburn to your neck.
I want to burn
Kisses, in your sculpted form.
How many spells could ever be cast
From your wordy mouth?

I am adrift
On this page, on this chapter
To one sorry love.
You have escaped on that path,
Leaving me to yearn.

Why do you smile,
While I drown?