Quote – “The Stupidity Behind Human Prediction” – 7/2/2020

“Excitable may be one word to describe the essence of a human’s stupidity. For we crave what appears big to us. A big event. Anything that occurs, made to shock us, to astound us, to amaze us, is a very stupid, though inevitable, essence for humans. To each prediction made by every prophet, even of the one made through the biblical Revelations, to Nostradamus, to the Mayans, a human’s first impression of it is an expectation for something large to occur. Though, to the right frame of mind, it should be expected not as a big event, like a Super Bowl, or a Macy’s fireworks display. It should be expected as metaphorical, in context, and subtle, in essence. Such predictions cannot be at all literal, for it is not what makes the prediction from the false prophet to be the false prophet, though to his moronic believers in it. Their ‘interpretation’ of what is bound to take place, makes all things believed, of Christ, of the Mayans, etc., to be denied, when the literal happening of it is deemed to not be possible. To take things literally that are made to be seen in a metaphorical light, creates the average disbeliever.

It is that when we take a great mind of a person in all their ideas, far too literally, we fully negate the intellectualism that always comes in an alien, metaphorical, and subtle sense.”

– Anonymous