Quote – “Why Creativity does not Affect Mental Health” – 7/6/2020

“Whoever said that creativity affects a person’s mental health, has it backwards. It is mental health that affects creativity. It is the emotions of the madman who is the best creator. Without those unknowns stemming upon the blank page, there will be no ink to draw from. For that unknown is black, as the page is always white. Therefore, without mental strain, there can be no expression. For we make sense of our unknowns, our confusions, in adding them to blankness.”

– Modern Romanticism

One thought on “Quote – “Why Creativity does not Affect Mental Health” – 7/6/2020”

  1. Exactly! It is not like we have to wait to be creative. Creativity is an ongoing process of emotions, ideas and expression.
    I guess the misconception of creativity came when philosophers defined humans as rational beings and only this. So creativity became something we had to look for outside rationality, given that emotions are best kept hidden behind the only rational mind.

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