The Most Pointless Question a Therapist can Ask

One is meant to come to a Therapist for an answer, not for a question. A mentally unstable individual lacks mental clarity. What is a Therapist, if not representing a leader? Therapists are meant to be like the leader, offering that route the mentally ill individual is so desperately desiring.

That question, which is, “What do you want to do?” As if the mentally ill individual has not asked themselves that question, at the very least, a million times over. As if such a person with an unstable mind came up with the answer, themselves. How does the probability increase itself, when someone else asks it? They know not what to do, and it is why they’ve come to a Therapist, to find an answer.

Should one go to a Therapist, expecting the work to be done by them for the mentally ill individual? No. Though, a seed should be planted for there to be the walk on the path. That seed should be set by the Therapist, being the person evidently paid to aid their patient.

Thus, they should do their job accordingly, and offer them an answer, a path. Show them, though do not do the work for the mentally ill.