Quote – “The ‘Object’ of Beauty” – 7/23/2020

“Why would any woman state that she is an ‘object’ of beauty, when no object can be beautiful? It is a contradiction, in such a sense, when to be an object makes a person not a human. Just as the artwork is given life through not its perception, though in its identification to being recognizable as any destructible creation, it is the same.

To be beautiful, means to be recognized, identified, and compared as a human, to another. It means to be viewed just as vulnerable as the flesh of the next person. For if we are human, then we are a creation of an artist. We are truth, because truth is created. Truth cannot be broken down, unless it is a lie. Truth is exposed, like the vulnerability of the nude form.

Beauty has no armor to it. Beauty is always vulnerable and fragile. Then, to be weak, in this sense, means to be human, means to be alike, means to be of the same clay.”

– Modern Romanticism