Quote – “Knowledge is Dead, without Trust” – 7/30/2020

“Trust is the source to which we place it upon external communication. Without trust, we are blind. Even if there are things to not ever trust, do we not trust what we read? We hold the book in our hands, as we trust the words on the page, for knowledge’s sake.

There are always things to trust. Even through continuous betrayal, we still trust. For each fragment of the world’s knowledge would be dead in the soil, if we could not ever trust it for what it says. There is no such thing as a human who does not trust another. It is because without external trust, we forget how to learn. That is because in the trust of external sources, we can learn both of what we need and do not need. Both are equivalent in the gain of knowledge. To learn what we need, is knowledge. To learn what we do not need, is knowledge.

Without trust, a human degrades down to the point of having faith in only themselves. That is the same as having faith in nothing at all.”

– Modern Romanticism