Poem – “Amorous, in our Eyes” – Romance – 8/4/2020

Your elegance
The notes I etch out
From this violin
To your sides
Purloined by the curves of many waves
In the theft of weight.

You draw out the ocean
By the streaming breaths
Of your parted lips.

Salt remains in your hair.
As I reach for you,
You draw back.

Let your sweat trickle down
The arms,
Beneath the sun
As you’ve run
Through the fragrant meadows
So much against your eyes,
Green as the tapestries upon our wall,
Leaving a mark to a field
We can imagine is your birthplace.

I kiss
Your sweetness
Upon red lips,
That wilt before my might.

Love leaves loose letters
Scattered about the feathers
Of pillows stuffed with tears,
Of many lawful years.