Poem – “Drop your Little Guard” – Romance – 8/5/2020

Drop your roses,
Drop your feet,
Drop your eyes
Down to where each thing falls.
Drop those walls
That have stood you
Just a mite so tall

Your pride
Is the musing of a thousand more
Generations to come.
As I see it,
As I comprehend it,
It is weak as glass.
Let yourself go, to where you may collide.

Find yourself,
Shine yourself
In the sun’s warmth
Of exercise, of the swim
In the ocean called “paradise”,
Where children are your bread
Upon your platter.

Do not lie to yourself,
For you do not love yourself.
You love the world,
For you to retreat
Back to your own
When the sun sets,
When the clouds hang too heavy.

When the morn raises
For you to bring tears,
You act as if the simplest torment
Could bring you down.
I shall bring you down
Only for your submission to a kind word
In nothing to be as cruel, to you.

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