Poem – “Blood for a Mile of Beginnings” – Romance – 8/11/2020

Sunder all with eyes of sadness,
As your cup is drunk from, to its bottom.
I love your loose eyes,
Draining what tears you have left, for hope.
I love your parted lips,
Motioning whispers of escaping pasts.

Gallop your horses,
Make them walk.
Make yourself the woman with a nested crown
Above your temples, above your head.
You caress all your life with a murderer’s palm,
Drinking worries like the shield upon your back.

I love your glances,
Fervent with your stances.
You have stood for the ocean apart
At your feet,
With tears that rain from shores ahead,
Among the idols that are dead.
For you cloud the rain
Before it can smother itself.

You swallow your own noose,
That hugs your neck.
You cherish the swollen eyes,
When you glance quietly in the mirror.
You are nervous in the waiting game,
While I love you with all my might.